Tumble Smart​


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​Levi Nickson owner of Tumble Smart and creator of Tumble Sharks

Jack Payne 7X national champion. Traveling coach/athlete

Bailey Payne Redbull sponsored athlete. Traveling coach/athlete

Micaiah Akyeampong​ His wild style makes him have a style unlike any other tumbler!

Ryan Williams High school cheer national champ. UCO cheer alumni

​Gary Ford II Skilled veteran tumbler with years of experience

​Miguel Meuniot Tumbling coach at Tumble Smart. Youngest member of the Shark family

Tony Federico a dedicated young tumbler who is an aspiring stunt man

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What it takes to be a Shark!

Minimum requirements:

Running on spring:

- Specialty pass including two double fulls

-A pass including a double back tuck

Running on hard floor/grass:
-Specialty to double full

-Standing full
-1 to Double full

​Sponsored athletes get free Tumble Shark clothing. They also get to be a part of a passionate community of tumblers who dedicate their lives to taking tumbling to the next level!

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Why Tumble Sharks?

The symbolism of the animal Shark: The world's greatest predator, and therefore symbolizes Power and Fearlessness.

The meaning of "Shark" describing a person: Very aggressive and skilled at sport/business that they are in. Being in full control of every situation that comes their way.

The meaning of a Tumble Shark: A tumbler who is powerful, fearless, aggressive, in full control and skilled at tumbling on any type of floor/surface.