Tumble Smart​


New student free evaluation lesson:

Set up: Scroll down under the option "First time student" and click "Evaluation lesson".

Requirements: Student must be 3 or older. No experience to advanced levels welcomed.

What to expect: After the lesson coach Levi will recommend a class in TSA's program. If he feels that Tumble Smart is not the right fit for your student he will recommend you to another tumbling gym that will fill your students tumbling needs.​

Existing student private lesson:

Set up: Scroll down to view the options below to schedule individual lessons or buy packages for savings. Once lesson is scheduled you will receive a confirmation email where you can cancel or reschedule anytime.

​​What to expect: Coach Levi’s goal is to provide confidence along with mental and physical strength that will last beyond the 30 minutes or hour of instruction so the student can use the knowledge in classes, open tumbling and most importantly outside the walls of Tumble Smart. What sets coach Levi’s private lessons apart from other coaches is the time and effort he spends apart from the time the student is in their lesson. He writes notes before, during and after each student’s lesson about what helped them in that particular lesson and what they can improve on. He also takes videos (powered by coaches’ eye app) to share with the student but also to review for their next lesson. Lastly, as needed he will send home drills as homework to improve muscle memory and strength even while they are not in the gym.


Semi-Privates are 2-4 students who decide to share a private lesson spot. The cost of the lesson is split between those doing it. 30 minute lessons are up to 2 kids and hour are up to 4. When you find a spot agreed upon by all parties under  "First Name" put the first and last name off all students in the lesson and under "Last Name" put "Semi-Private" this way coach Levi knows how to plan the lesson accordingly.