Our mission:

Is to provide the best quality tumbling instruction in the world! Whether we have the privilege to work with you at our facility Tumble Smart Athleticsin Oklahoma or able to connect with you over the internet by way of our online school Tumble Smart Academy. We call our company "Tumble Smart" because we help students know the ins and outs of tumbling. The understanding of something ultimately eliminates fear, which is our goal. We want to educate every person that comes across our website. We look forward to engaging with you!

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It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to master your craft... Rest assured that coach Levi, owner and senior coach, has well over 10,000 hours of both coaching and tumbling experience himself.

Tumble Smart​

We are Oklahoma's most exclusive tumbling gym, Tumble Smart Athletics, and the Nation's most revolutionary tumbling brand, home of the first and only online tumbling Academy, Tumble Smart Academy!

Our story:

Tumble Smart is owned and operated by the Nicksons, Coach Levi and his wife Sarah. Levi grew up tumbling under the coaching of his Dad Leonard Nickson. At the age of 12 he started coaching with his Dad. After graduating in 2010, Levi started coaching tumbling at a popular cheer gym in Tulsa for 2 years. He felt that his coaching style differed from the culture of the gym he was at which is when he left to become a freelance coach (view pictures below). Over the next 3 years he coached at dozens of schools, parks, yards, people's garages and rented floor space at several gyms in the Oklahoma area to coach his lessons. During this time he met his beautiful wife Sarah. Together they worked hard to build up an outstanding reputation in the tumbling world. By November 2015 they were able to get enough loyal students to open up their own facilityTumble Smart Athletics, gain a big social media following and train students all over the nation through their online tumbling schoolTumble Smart Academy. Then just a year later they have been able to expand their facility from the amazing growth over the first year in business. In the mean time they were also able to add a new addition to their family, their first born Daughter Mali Rayne. They currently run their company from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.